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Plotbuilder Cards

Plotbuilder Cards

by MN-Games

Luke over at MN-Games has started the Kickstarter for the Plotbuilder Cards (Rebooted).

Taken from the Plotbuilder Cards Kickstarter project page (used with permission from MN-Games)

Plotbuilder is designed to help you create story arcs for any purpose, whether you’re a role player, a writer, into theatre sports, or something else entirely. Setting agnostic, the cards are able to quickly generate plot frameworks regardless of period, style or background specifics.

Each deck has 72 cards, comprising six categories of twelve options each. Along with your pledges you will receive a high quality PDF of the cards to do what you want with. Get a 12-sided die and you can generate plots that way too.

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Usable at any stage of story telling, from a blank page to on-the-fly development, the Plotbuilder deck can be targeted as required. Need the primary driving force for a character? Draw a Motive card. What about a victim for the antagonist to pick on? Draw a Character card. How about a plot bubbling in the background that the protagonist might bump into? Go the whole hog and do an entire Plotbuilder story!

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Millions of plot combinations can be made with the Plotbuilder deck by drawing just one card from each deck, but many cards instruct you to draw more. You won’t have the same story twice!



Plotbuilder cards are definitely useful for all writing styles, for anyone who has ever been stuck developing a plot. This can be used in any setting or genre needed, the cards work for fantasy/ historical, modern and scifi.  Also good for writers block, to help get those ideas flowing again.

Plotbuilder Cards1

This is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are a writer, or love developing campaigns for wargames or roleplaying games.

Here is the link again Plotbuilder Cards (Rebooted).

Let me know what you think, or if you found them useful.


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