Quadrant 13 Dropzone Commander

Quadrant 13 Dropzone Commande Q13_LogoAlso known as Quadrant Zone Commander – QzC!

Yep, it is time to start looking at converting Dropzone Commander (DzC) units for use with Quadrant 13 (Q13). As long time players of DzC we used to love the game, the rules were familiar but fresh and minis were a great looking 10mm scifi range. The move from resin to plastic was even better. Prices were good, deals were happening to make an affordable entry point and customer support was excellent.

So what happened?

Well, I can’t rightly put my finger on it. The more we played, the more familiar the game started to feel until in the end we were left with a ‘sameness’ after every game. It felt like playing Warhammer 40k, at a smaller scale. Yes there was more tactical nous needed but a lot of games followed the same pattern. So the minis were shelved. We picked up the first expansion and it looked great but in the end a lack of the game groups following, combined with the aforementioned experiences, meant our DzC days were temporarily over.

In light of the above, I do have to say the game itself is solid. There is nothing wrong with the core mechanics of the game, as I said it is familiar and reasonably easy to play. The minis are great and the entry point is decent. Expanding DzC armies can be expensive though, as they aren’t the cheapest blisters around. In the end it just isn’t for us at the moment.

So with a host of 10mm scifi minis on the table that we really wanted to use, and the core of scifi goodness from the TooFatLardies (TFL) stable, I decided to see if I can use the DzC mini in Quadrant 13 and keep the background feel of the game.

After a basic set of conversions Luke and I played a test battle with UCM v PHR. The results were all over the place but it left us with a really good idea of where the conversions were. The best part was it left us seeing the potential, and had us wanting to try it again.

After playing around with the formulas and making some minor changes the conversions we have in place look like a vast improvement. Add to that a few minor changes to the rules and I feel we have the conversion in a very playable state.

The last thing I added was a points cost. Usually this goes against the feel for TFL games but in this case we needed a way to bring some reasonably balanced forces to the table. This helps us not only playtest and balance, but it also feeds our usual army building desires.

There is still a lot to be done. Only two armies (PHR and Shaltari) have their units fully converted. This is primarily because they are the next two armies to playtest. There is also the need to determine the Order of Battle for each of the factions.

You can find the files here:

Quadrant 13 Dropzone Commander

Quadrant 13 Dropzone Commander QzC_Teaser

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