Raid Diary

Game: World of Warcraft

Raid: Mogu’Shan Vaults

“Move it or Lose it.” – (Dumb and Dumber)

Elegon the Celestial Dragon is gone. Took a little longer than I thought it would be we knocked him over convincingly. The kill attempt was very solid, smooth and we were never in danger. Good win on that one.

We took a little bit of time and looked at Will of the Emperor. We can complete all the single aspects of that fight, regarding add priority and control and boss tanking, we just need to put it together and execute. Should be a kill sometime soon.

On Sunday night we decided to take a peak at Heart of Fear. Trash is simple, makes a good warm up. Seems to be less trash than Mogu’shan Vaults as well, which is awesome. The first boss , is all about movement. A movement fight. Awesome…
Three platforms and a central ground area.
Platform One – Three damage reduction spheres + three shields = run to the shields during big damage phase. That’s it.
Platform Two – Sonic Rings on the ground the emanate in a twirling, circular pattern. Run clockwise or anticlockwise. That’s it.
Platform Three – Two mind controlled people, take them to half health. That’s it.
In amongst all that the boss has a heavy damage/ stun ability which tanks block.

Every 20% health lost, the boss moves to the next platform (order is random), as you go to the next platform, you run through gas on the main floor(pheromones) which damage and silence you.

At 40% health, the boss sucks up the pheromones ans runs to the central floor area. He then proceeds to use all his abilities. Good thing is, he uses them one at a time as they are all channeled. That’s it. The entire fight. There is a lot of damage going out on the ‘shield’ platform and when he uses that ability in Phase Two (floor phase), but the mechanics are pretty simple.

We did pretty well, 25% I think was our best shot. I can see us downing this boss pretty soon once we iron out a couple kinks.

Like I said, movement fights, got to love them!

As a follow on from last week, my PC blew up. Multiple components. I bit the bullet and bought some new PC guts and built a new machine. The flip side of that (apart from being able to use my PC and log on to WoW) was that being a Disc priest became AMAZINGLY easier. I think the problems my PC was having was causing bit frame rate drop issues and making timing spells and cooldowns extremely difficult.
I found raiding this week, very different to the last few weeks. I wasn’t struggling AS much and generally felt much more effective.

Happy Priesting again at the moment! I’ll keep an eye on what is upcoming for them still. My biggest decisions at the moment, stay with a Mastery heavy build (mastery being so, SO good) or move to a Crit build. Crit requires more RNG, but I saw a Disc priest use a Crit build to very good effectiveness.

Until Next Time
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