Raid Diary – we meet the Blade Master!

Game: World of Warcraft

Raid: Mogu’Shan Vaults, Heart of Fear

‘If your head comes away from your neck, it’s over!’ – Ramirez (Highlander)

Right on, a Blade Master boss bug, awesome.

But I get ahead of myself. First up Mogu’shan is pretty well clearable in one night. We had a hiccup on our first raid night and were pretty disjointed after a late start, in the end we only cleared to Elagon. I missed the second raid night but the team did an awesome job to knock over Elagon, Will of the Emp and Grand Vizier (from Heart of Fear). They had some great shots on Blade Master as well brushing with Phase 2.

I made my reappearance on the last raid night and was straight into it with the Blade Master. As shadow. Got to DPS mah butt off… and was pathetic. I think I rated LOWER than the tanks. Now sure I don’t DPS all that often but that was a real poor showing. I had a thought afterwards and I had forgotten to reforge my gear (I had started the night ready to heal) so that would have had a reasonable impact. My bad there. I am at that odd place where my heal set is so much better than my DPS gear that it performs better, but I still need to reforge it away from Spirit/ Mastery into Haste. Can’t wait until I get a dedicated DPS set.

Anyhow, I won;t say that I was the only contribution to the failure of two heals and 6 DPS but it wouldn’t have helped. As it turns out there is just a lot of healing in that fight. As it turns out a lot of healing done in bursts on a regular timer, and it is raid wide. We all know what that is good for right? SPIRIT SHELL! FTW!! Woot. Love it when a fight has a good use for Spirit Shell and this one does. On the times I could line it up properly (it the bosses ability doesn’t quite align with shell cool down) we took next to no damage from Unseen Strike and it was fun times.

Anyhow between cyclones, unseen strike and the heavy raid damage at the end of the fight, it look to be a great fight for a discipline priest. What I have found works well is Barrier the first Strike to give yourself time to build up 5 stacks of Evangelism, then Archangel it up and hit spirit shell 20 seconds or so out from the next unseen strike – gives a BIG shield and gives you time to keep running the shell for each strike until barrier is off cool down again. Then in phase 2, dodge the tornadoes (prayer of mending, shield and cascade is GREAT for this) and when you are settled, get everyone’s health back up and then pop Spirit Shell again combined with any haste abilities you have (go go Troll racials) to help mitigate the damage and if you time it right you will also provide raid wide shielding for the run back to the other end. Oh and the kicker, through all of that I still managed to do 50% of the DPS I pulled as Shadow. So yeah, shadow can kiss my arse at the moment.

Sorry Gamb I feel completely useless as Shadow atm, until I can sort it out, but don’t worry, I’ll get there.

We had a couple of shots on Garavon (sp?) a GIANT bug. Sort a few things out and with luck we’ll have a kill next week!

Oh and in case I haven;t mentioned it – MOAR priesty goodness coming soon. I think you can tell by the incoming buffs that Disc priesting wasn’t in a good place. The good thing is they didn’t go overboard on the buffing and are taking a slow and steady approach, which I like and think is more beneficial overall.

Recently we got a buff to Prayer of Healing and Prayer of Mending – yess I can raid heal again!

Even more recently we got a ninja buff:

– Divine Aegis shields went from 30% of the heal to 50%! Bigger Aegis when they land – AWESOME.

– Rapture now returns 200% mana. AMAZING. Now I feel like mana is becoming less of an issue. Since the change, running with ~8000 spirit and 10,000 in combat regen (and the 1min Mindbender talent) I can;t remember the last time I really struggled for mana. This is great.

SOON to come:

– Atonement healing will receive a range increase to 40 yards (up from 15 yards). Happy days. This helps to make Atonement heals a little more viable. I feel particularly happy to be able to put out some damage in low healing phases so I can help the team push an enrage timer.

Good, good times ahead, now to just get the same result fro Shadow (ears are open for any tips or suggestions)!

Until Next Time
Issi says “Be cool mon!”


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