Raid Diary

Game: World of Warcraft

Raid: Mogu’Shan Vaults

“Environment: hostile.” – Starman (Starman)

The first four bosses can almost be called farm bosses these days. We had a couple of stumbling blocks but they were very minor and we had a four boss clear on Wednesday.
That left us at Elegon, the Star Dragon (well Celestial Dragon officially, but he is made up of little stars – think Algalon).

I think Elagon is THE tough boss encounter for Mogu’shan Vaults. Every raid has them and I am pretty sure this is the one for MV.

Elagon is a fight where everyone pretty well needs to do everything spot on (cliche but true). It doesn;t depend solely on one role. Tanks, Healers and DPS all have a solid requirement to perform and execute their jobs well.

We came SO close. 9% with one person down (accidental death) but we powered on and with an excellent result (actually our best yet). I dare to say that it would have been a kill with 10 people alive, but things happen and it wasn’t to be our night (no point dragging anyone through the mud for it, mistakes happen, everyone makes them). The raid team knows this fight well now, it is just down to execution.

I am fairly certain we will get the kill this week. I am even going out on a limb and saying that if we can get the kill mid week, we’ll see Mogu’shan vaults cleared this week. We are really starting to hit our strides and doing well.

On a side not I am a little disapointed at where priests are sitting at the moment, both healing and DPS.

DPS I can’t get within 20k of the next highest over an extended duration. Now admittedly my gear is not 100% optimised for DPS (but it was reforged for DPS over heals, with some dedicated DPS gear in there – trinkets and some armour pieces). I am following my spell priorities, busting out cooldowns and keeping DOTS up like crazy. I am just not up to par. Working on it but not seeing any noticeable increase in DPS. Doing more forum research, but at the moment I definately feel more like a liability if I need to DPS.

As for healing, Disc priests are a bit all over the place. Our specialty is absorbs/ shielding but it is too mana intensive to spam/ continually use (and MoP healing isn’t designed for that anyhow), the flip side is our healing output is not up to the same level as the other healers (Shaman, Pallies, Druids and especially the Monks). I have made some changes and stacked Mastery and Spirit and I feel my mana regen is in a better place now and shielding is quite good. The thing Disc Priests do have going for them is burst HPS and saving people from dying. Our burst HPS can be phenomenal. Greater heal can hit for a LARGE amount, add that on the back of a shield, Prayer of Mending and Penance and it is all win. Shields also save people. Being able to absorb a killing blow is a life saver and I have found our healing team REALLY works well in this fashion. I shield them to save their arses and then they get a big heal from another of the crew to give them health back.
I won’t say Disc Priests are useless, because they aren’t, but I am definately thankful my raid leader can see the benfit of absorbs and what a Disc Priest can bring to the table otherwise I would be struggling, a lot.

I do have have a lot of experience with priesting, and I have been doing a lot of research but I just don;t see Disc priests competing at the same level as the other 4 healing classes. Now I am not concerned just about the numbers, but I am concerned about getting to the point where I am not pulling my weight anymore.

Overall I think I am playing my part well, but feel like I am missing something (or the data recording add ons are all broken at the moment).

We’ll see what lies in the future for Priestly love!

Until Next Time
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