Review: Codex Chaos Space Marines 3

Review: Codex Chaos Space Marines


Game: Warhammer 40k 6th Ed

Item: Codex Chaos Space Marines

So, the first of the 6th Ed Codexes has been released. Chaos Space Marines have been the chosen ones. Let’s take a look…

Look and Feel: Hard Cover, 104 pages, full colour. New artwork, not a lot of reprints from previous versions. The art quality is, as usual, pretty amazing. Overall it a lovely looking book, especially in hard cover.

Definitely can’t fault the feel of the book. It is good to see a little more of the background included as well, makes a good read

Changes/ Units: Here I feel a little let down. I am not sure what I was expecting but this codex feels very similar to the 5th Ed Codex, with new units. As usual, most attention has been payed to the new units in the codex, but everything has gotten a bit of love.

I really hope we see some varied armies in the upcoming years, the addition of the cultists has excellent potential.

I feel the Forgefiends/ Maulerfiends, while great units and models, really belong in the Codex: Chaos Daemons, they remind me too much of a Juggernaught of Khorne.

All the special characters we know and love are back in a new incarnation, even though they feel the same as the previous edition.

All up, not as much change/ difference as I hoped, it feels more like the old codex made to fit the new rules, with additional units added. In saying that, the new units add a bit of flavour. The new rules also add much needed flavour to the army. Special Warlord traits and psychic decks along with the Chaos Boon table. A great start. I just hope the new units are not ‘must have’ units. That would make me cry.

The new model sculpts also look pretty good (from the photos I have seen). It would be nice to see some new sculpts for some old foes (or friends depending on your persuasion), Abaddon in particular. The boss of the ‘enemy’ needs to look intimidating, instead (whilst a very awesome and classic mini) he looks outdated.

C’mon Abbs, smarten up and look the part will you!
(Old and classic, but outdated)

The new units are, of course, beautiful sculpts and they really look the part. As usual, can;t fault the looks or sculpts. Great work again.

Maulerfiend – New, awesome and intimidating!
(Getting the hint Abbs?)

Cost: I gave this it’s own section, I have the biggest problem here. The Codex costs $83 with a $133 special edition version (if not already sold out). Yep you heard right… Eighty Three Dollars…


It looks GREAT. Fluff, feel and amazing art

It gives what looks to be a solid and varied force, probably enjoyable to game with.

I don’t understand how this $83 price can be justified. Hardcover, full colour, 104 pages at $83? Competitors have hardcover supplements, with better binding and more pages at $40…

I really am struggling with this. I have spoken to a few people, those who avidly collected codexes and none of them can justify/ afford to collect the 6th Ed codexes any more. They are being priced out of easy reach. I avidly collected codexes. Not anymore.

The people I really feel for are the young kids who have a Chaos army and now their parents need to fork out 83 bucks just to continue playing in the new game, after forking out $120 for the new rules. Over $200 for a rulebook and army list… I am REALLY concerned about how this will affect the new wave of younger players and future of the hobby.

I have a Chaos Army (World Eaters), I don’t want to buy the codex on principle of price, regardless of how good it looks. Dammit, Moral dilemma incoming…



(What are your thoughts on this move by GW to make hardcover, expensive Codexes ?)

All pictures here are from the Games Workshop website and remain their property. These have been used without permission.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Codex Chaos Space Marines

  • Scumcleaner

    spot on. feels like borderlands2 is to borderlands… a DLC with a new trinket or 2 thrown in to justify the change. Oh well, it keeps the Chaos feel. I’d hate for it to have been so all new that it stopped feeling like ChaosMarines. The price is astounding, with far better production values in competitors books for far less money. I hate to jump on the hate wagon, but I won’t be buying any other codexes for armies I don’r run…

  • Luke

    For 100 pages only it’s not worth it. As you noted, collectors won’t be collectors for much longer.

    I’ll wait for a non-shitPad downloadable version if I get it (totally legal, derp).