Review: Hobby Spray Booth

Review: Hobby Spray Boothprincess_logo

Hobby Spray Booth from PrincessTrade Ebay Store

Something a little bit different this week, but still hobby related.

After picking up an airbrush mid last year, I have put it to good affect on most of my projects. It is an excellent tool in the painting arsenal, from undercoating through to fine levels of highlighting, it is a workhorse.

Apart from finding a suitable area to use the airbrush (something not too important if some paint happened to accidentally coat an area!), one thing I did notice is the amount of particles flying around while using the airbrush, even in as well a ventilated area I could find. Once the family began commenting on the smell of the various paints and undercoats, I decided to take a look around and see if there were any solutions to this.

So, concerned about getting overspray on all the furniture and breathing in too many paint particles, and after looking around, I decided to splurge on a Hobby Spray Booth. What I needed was a spray booth that:

  • stored easily,
  • set up easily,
  • was relatively quiet,
  • robust enough to last,
  • and sucked in all the overspray.

I went looking around the web, researched a bit, and found a well reviewed and good looking booth from the U.S.A (fitting all my basic criteria), only to find that costs for shipping , conversion rates and a voltage adapter nearly tripled the price at the time.

Looking around more, I found a similar version, made and sold in Australia, from PrincessTrade Ebay Store, making the whole thing a lot more affordable (especially with free shipping). This booth is essentially the same, just with some different looks. Extraction rate and filtering is the same, and an exhaust extension hose is included. There is also a reasonably bright LED array on the top which can illuminate the rear of anything in the booth, and a lazy susan to put your work on. All up, I was more than happy with the price, so decided to place an order. In very short order, the package arrived!

Packaging is good, all tidy in one large box. Opening that, the hobby spray booth and exhaust hoses are packaged separately. This keeps things nice and secure, and I experienced no damage during transit.

General comments on the booth so far:

  • The booth itself is reasonably quiet about the volume of a fan on medium speed, or a PC fan on high speed. Certainly on par with my airbrush compressor,
  • Air flow is rated at 3 cubic metres per minute. It certainly seems to extract any overspray well, I haven;t seen any lingering paint particle clouds around when using it,
  • The power cord is auto retractable,
  • The filters seem to do the job and are removable, hence replaceable,
  • Shipping was good, and very timely,
  • The product  is robust enough for what it is, and compact. It stores well, is easy to carry and sets up in 2 to 3 actions.

Hobby Spray Booth Dimensions

BrandDynamic Power
Dimension45cm x 40cm x 27cm
Dimension (Folded)40cm x 21.5cm x 29cm
Input Voltage240V
Air flow2 Cubic Metres per Minute
Piping Dimension12.5cm (D) x 84cm (Long).
2 of in package
Turning Table Dimension22cm (D)

Below are some pictures, and descriptions. Hopefully this gives you a good look at the product.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_1

The big box contains two smaller boxes! All packed neatly and securely.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_2

A look inside the Spray Booth box. The other box just has exhaust tubes.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_3

Unpacking, you can see it is all contained in one nice and tidy arrangement. This really is around the same size as a suitcase and easy to store.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_4

Another view, more front on.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_5

Similar View, this time with the booth open, you can see the top and bottom open out forming protection from overspray on the top, bottom and both sides. The blue rectangle is the filter. It is a good size, being almost the entire size of the box.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_6

Side view. One very small complaint I have is that there is a very small gap at the side, when the top and bottom flaps fold out. This isn’t enough to cause any problems unless you decided to spray in that specific direction, up close and with a high pressure.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - 20150603_145400

Top View of the flap. You can see the lugs on both sides, this is what holds the top flap up, they just clip in there.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_8

Close up of the lug/ clip. In my opinion, this is most likely to be the area that may fail after a lot of repeated use. It is reasonably sturdy, but only time will tell how much/ quickly it wears.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_11

The side houses the power cable, when the flaps are closed, it forms a cover for the cable, a nice touch.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_10

Flaps opened and the cable becomes available.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_9

A view of the back, you can see the arrangement of the two switches and the exhaust fan. The switches are hidden and protected under the top bar/ frame of the box. The pro is that the switches are well protected and unlikely to be accidentally switched or damaged, the con is that they are hard to see and operated from the front. The switch on the left retracts the power cable. The switch in the middle is a 3-way toggle, power off in the centre, power/ extractor on is left/ extractor and LED on is right.

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_12

Here you can see a good view of the inside of the booth, with the large filter, lazy susan and LED

Review: Hobby Spray Booth - Hobby_Spray_Booth_13

Another view, you can see the LED will be good to provide some rear illumination, but I would recommend another light to paint by.


I was hesitant when looking around, a lot of places seemed to charge a lot more for the same product. For whatever reason I was unable to find a competitively prices local product, and shipping absolutely killed any purchases from the U.S. Luckily I stumbled on the PrincessTrade Ebay Store. Their product is good, well priced, with free shipping. Turn around time was also low.

The product seems to do what it advertises, the extraction rate seems fine, and the filtration up to the task.

I am happy to recommend this product, it has met all my expectations, and I think anyone looking for a spray booth can do a lot worse than looking here.

At my time of purchase, the booth cost AUD $89, I am not sure what the product is listed at now. Definitely worth looking around for the best prices.

Does anyone else have, or use, a spray booth? What have your experiences been?

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