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Starting Infinity the Game - Infinity LogoIt has been a busy fortnight, and I have been crammed for time, so this week I’ll simply give you a quick idea of what we have been up to.

Starting Infinity, the Game!

Myself, Luke and Troy have kicked of some Infinity games. Alex is due to join us soon, with a few other interested.

Infinity is very new for us all, never having played 2nd Edition, and with the new release of 3rd Ed, it seemed like a good time to jump onboard. Infinity is a game we have been looking at for a long time, so it is good to finally get stuck in.

Starting Infinity the Game - Rulebook Cover

Infinity Rulebook Cover Art


We picked up the Infinity 3rd Edition (N3) rules, followed bya few small purchases and Operation: Icestorm. We are now well on the way to building our initial 300 point forces.

I decided to go with Nomads (then added Pan-O as they came in the Icestorm starter)

Nomads PanOceania

Luke is working with Yu Jing


Troy is collecting both Combined Army and ALEPH


Alex is beginning with Tohaa


This gives us a nice army spread, with a lot of variation.

So far we have really enjoyed our games, and while the learning curve is steep, the rewards are excellent. The game is fun, fast playing, balanced and involves a good level of thought.

I’ll be posting more up here as we go along, when more miniatures are painted an battles are played. But as an advanced showing, below are a few snippets of our work so far:


Practice model. Old Style Mobile Brigade. Happy with some highlights, not happy with some others. Learned a lot with this mini, now to apply that to others!


Practice model. Old Style Mobile Brigade.Reverse shot, Happy with some of the light sources and general armour colour. A little bit too pink (I struggle to highlight red without making it too pink)


Nomads – Work in Progress of what is on the table at the moment. The red is purely the armour block colour with a highlight. Nice and vibrant, except the new Mobile Brigada (front, centre) where he yet again turned out way too pink!


Infinity table. An example of Troy’s excellent scenery. This setup led to a couple of very good games. The park in the middle was determined to be a ‘wood’ for the purposes of terrain.


Another shot of the table, from the other side.


Nomad WIP shot, just a general look at the minis. Lovely red colours again (with the too pink Mobile Brigada on the left)!


More Nomad WIP shots. Sorry the focus is on the Spektr in the centre back row, the front minis are a bit out of focus.

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