Strike Legion and more painting

Strike Legion and more painting - SLTM CoverStill wanting to find a good system to use our Dropzone Commander (DzC) miniatures with, a short poke around the internet saw me finding a game by the name of Strike Legion by Legionnaire Games. Strike Legion (SL) tends to get reasonably favourable reviews and was on a nice special at WargameVault so I thought it was worth a look.

A very quick playtest with a couple of units per side saw the basic mechanics good enough to involve the rest of the DzC players, and unit conversions began.

This is one of the strengths of SL, the unit creation system is immense and has near exhaustive coverage. Apart from some very DzC specific rules, we were able to complete an initial conversion of the DzC units and successfully play two games of Dropzone Commander/ Strike Legion (dubbed Strikezone Commander for now). Even the minor things that weren’t on the unit creation list were easily able to be sorted out, and points costs assigned. Worth noting is the writers of SL are active on their Yahoo Group and happily reply to any questions, this helps to obtain the writers intents when it comes to various unit making decisions.

Strike Legion is designed for 6mm miniatures but can be scaled to use with 2mm through to 28mm. I am thankful that both a ground and time scale for the game is given, with 1″ equal to 250m for ground scale, and a turn being between 3 and 5 minutes. With DzC having 10mm minis, SL ‘dimensions’ and scaling fit perfectly.

Where DzC uses a d6 per weapon shot, with each weapon possibly having multiple shots, SL uses a single roll per target system. The basic system is roll 2d6, and beat a target number for a successful hit. This means that SL is a more abstract system than DzC, which I think is appropriate at the scale we are gaming.

SL does use tokens, probably to a moderate level, however these tokens can be placed on the unit cards keeping the playing area clean for those who prefer a token free tabletop.

I will share more of my thoughts on the system after I have a few more games under my belt, but at the moment Luke, Troy and I are keen to keep tinkering with the DzC conversions. We enjoyed the games of SL we played and want to play more of the system.

I’ll also make sure the unit conversions for DzC to SL are posted once we have fine tuned them a bit more. Another benefit of the SL system is that while designed for SciFi, the game can also be used for any period. We are kicking around the idea of converting Dystopian Wars units to Strike Legion at a later date. I think the rules will work very well for them.

At this point though, and given the above, I certainly think the Strike Legion rules are worth a look.

Strike Legion and more painting - StrikeLegionTest

Mid game picture of DzC Shaltari v UCM. Here the Shaltari are on the attack and have moved 3/4 of the way across the board into the waiting arms of the UCM tanks.

INF_logo_cabeceraThe other thing keeping me busy lately is the work on a Luke’s Yu-Jing army for Infinity. These have been coming along reasonably well, and I can see the end game now.

Whilst challenging to complete 45 minis in a decent time frame I have learned quite a bit and enjoyed seeing them go from chunks of metal to something looking good on the tabletop.

Once they are fully completed, I’ll give an account of the processed I used to completed them. Until then, only fine details and a couple of bikes to go!

Work In Progress shot below.

Strike Legion and more painting - WIP_YJ

WIP Yu-Jing


Been a busy few weeks, almost at a time to begin sorting through some other projects.

How have your gaming projects been going?

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