Hi Everyone, I'm spreading out a bit and you can now find PlayingtheOdds on Facebook and Twitter, to make it a bit easier and convenient for people. I also want to experiment/ play around with sending in game pics to the Twitter or Facebook feeds. (this site)

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Product: Sword & Spear Company: Polkovnik Productions Review: Sword & Spear is a wargame rules set for ancient and medieval (large scale) battles. To quite the Polkovnic Productions page, Sword & Spear is a big battle ancient and medieval wargame. Sword & Spear is a flexible rules system allowing battles to be staged from a multitude of time periods, using various scale miniatures. The Sword & Spear support and forums are quite active, with rules questions being answered in a timely manner. There is a large range of army lists ready to be used, all provided for free, with an additional point calculator to help design your own armies.

Sword & Spear Review

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 6 Attack on an Objective (here we make our stand): It was times like these Sgt Hardball missed his friend the most. Lt Falgard, had been lost since the beginning of the campaign and, now more than ever, he missed Uriah’s calmness and keen eye of the […]

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 6

Hi Everyone, Unfortunately Alex is taking off for what sounds like an awesome holiday, so our Chain of Command: Villers-Bocage Campaign will be having a slight break. I think this will be about 4 or 5 weeks. The upside is I get to order reinforcements, with some new toys coming! […]

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Crowdfunding wargames: How good is it? With the rise of Kickstarter, Indigogo and the like, the gaming market has seen a massive spike in releases from both established and new companies. But is this a good thing, or will it actually damage the already small gaming market?   A little […]

Crowdfunding wargames: How good is it?

Predictions for the new Tau codex  Let’s see if I’m right… GENERALLY Allies– I reckon that the Allies table in the rule book will be modified by the new Tau codex, essentially stepping most races one slot to the right into the “easier to use” section. There should be the […]

Tau Predictions

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Raid: Mogu’shan Vaults Boss 1 of the vaults DOWWWWN! Booyah, congratulations to the raid team. Raid Team: Blakdynamite, Cdkit, Cherry, Ferntoad, Hevann, Issiolak, Nenne, Popalong, Reusk, Smallpoxx Looking forward to downing Feng the Accursed (expect a full raid recap after the weeks raiding has been done) […]

Recap: Boss Kill – The Stone Guard