The latest Campaign Module for Chain of Command has now been released. Crossroads Closing the Gap Campaign Module This campaign module presents a World War 2 Mini-Campaign detailing the actions of the 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade at the Battle of┬áSaint-Lambert-sur-Dives, and their efforts in closing the ‘Falaise Gap’. Crossroads focuses […]

Crossroads Closing the Gap Campaign

Product: Sword & Spear Company: Polkovnik Productions Review: Sword & Spear is a wargame rules set for ancient and medieval (large scale) battles. To quite the Polkovnic Productions page, Sword & Spear is a big battle ancient and medieval wargame. Sword & Spear is a flexible rules system allowing battles to be staged from a multitude of time periods, using various scale miniatures. The Sword & Spear support and forums are quite active, with rules questions being answered in a timely manner. There is a large range of army lists ready to be used, all provided for free, with an additional point calculator to help design your own armies.

Sword & Spear Review