Terrain Review: 15mm Country Inn – Heljan

Terrain Review: 15mm Country Inn –¬†Heljan

Heljan 15mm County Inn. Box Cover Image

Heljan 15mm County Inn.
Box Cover Image

After the success of my previous terrain review of the Heljan 15mm General Store, I thought I’d grab a few more pieces of terrain. These aren’t all Heljan, and I will display the other pieces I purchased once they are all completed, but the piece that interested me the most was another Heljan product, the Country Inn. Again, these products were purchased at Hobbyrama (I find it easy to make a purchase if I can see the products in person).

Primarily for use with Chain of Command, this building is HO scale but should be a very good match for any 15mm historical or modern/ near modern game. It may also be suitable for 10mm or 20mm miniatures, but that may be more towards the extreme of the HO scale, and may look out of place.

Once again the kit was relatively easy to put together, although more difficult than the General Store, but then it is also substantially bigger. The windows had the same decorative options as the General Store but unfortunately none of the banners or signs were present in the kit. I think a few of these would go a long way to finishing off the building and I’ll most likely print some out and glue them on. The building needed an undercoat and repaint. This isn’t anything unusual for model kits, buildings are no exception, and I would expect most people to paint their buildings to suit their style and feel. Again the depth is nice with separate wall, window paneling, glass panes (plastic) and then the interior decoration. The pieces themselves seem to fit fairly well, with the usual flash being cleaned up easily. A few small points were slightly miscast. You can see the top of the smoke stacks/ chimneys aren’t quite square. The front bay window was also the most difficult part to assemble and the roof does not sit flush, but can be hidden easily. The roof, however, went on very well and was simple to place and sit. In hindsight I would even consider not gluing the roof on to allow pieces to be placed inside.

As an added bonus it was cheap and the construction was reasonably easy, although the instructions can be tricky in places if you are new to model making. Like my previous Heljan building I really enjoyed creating and tailoring the building to suit my gaming needs. This building, and it’s shape, really make it a focal piece on the table. It offers a lot of cover and space outside, and being two stories you get a good vantage point from the second story.

I would, again, recommend Heljan.

Pictures below: I went with a whitewashed look, where the Inn has been abandoned and weeds/ bushes are now overgrowing the once trim and tidy Inn.


Cottage Inn – Front You can see the top of the chimney where the flat piece is slightly miscast.


Cottage Inn – Rear. A nice space to customise the look of your kit.

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