Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers

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Underground Lasers Logo

Recently we have been full steam ahead with our playing of Infinity the Game, from Corvus Belli.

Like most wargames, terrain is extremely important, some may say even more so with Infinity due to the unique Automatic Reaction Order system. Not only does good terrain help immerse a player into the game itself, it looks good and provides cover on the table top.

An important part of that tabletop look, and usefulness, is scatter terrain. These smaller pieces allow more covered movement and give more option to players.

To that effect, in an effort to help out with our scifi terrain, I decided to pick up some Containers from Underground Lasers.

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers

Underground Lasers offers a number of MDF and Acrylic solutions for games, these come in the form of terrain and tokens. This also comes in a number of sizes: 10mm, 28mm and 1/300 scale.

I picked up two lots of containers, one set of Cube Containers and a Long Container. The Cube Container pack contains two cube containers, while the Long Container has a single larger, long container. Both containers are scaled to be used with 28mm miniatures and can fit any SciFi setting, they may even work for modern settings.

EDIT: There are new container available now, essentially the same pieces but slightly redesigned. The doors open to the side instead of forming ramps, and there are now ladders on the outside of the cube containers

The containers come flat packed, and are made of MDF. The are laser cut and have that lovely precise look of well cut MDF. The cuts allow the pieces to needing assembly be freely removed from the sprue, while the optionally removed pieces fit in tight and need a little more effort to be removed (which is good if you do not wish to remove the optional pieces).

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_1

Containers on the sprue, flat packed and shrink wrapped

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_2

A look at the pieces once removed from the sprue. This is the cube containers


The containers go together extremely well. The pieces fit with no tidying up required. They are designed to require no glue, and I believe they would work fine without, however I added a little drop at a few key construction points for added durability (gaming terrain can sometimes take a beating). Construction is relatively simple and the parts go together very well. My only gripe is there are no instructions provided with the packs. That being said, there is a comprehensive youtube video of the complete construction process on the containers. Not having assembled any Underground Lasers products before I decided to follow the video for the first one. From that point, the rest are pretty straightforward.

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_4

A look at the cube containers assembled. Easy process with a solid cube at the end.


There is a fair amount of variation to the containers. Both sets some with the ability to remove some panel windows, allowing a the containers to range from full side panels blocking line of sight, to removed panels giving more of a ‘cage’ or ‘live goods’ container, providing cover but leaving models visible.

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_3

Cube containers, you can see the doors open to ramps and the top and side panels can have ‘windows’ removed as an option.

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_11

Different angle on the cube containers. Ramps down allow interior access. Full panels provide full cover, windowed panels allow visibility but retain some cover.


In addition there are extra side panels (tie fighter wings) which are an optional piece, but have an important feature. Not required for any stability reasons, the extra side panels allow a number of other pieces from the Underground Lasers range to be attached to the cubes, to form a more complex scenery arrangement. This primarily comes in the form of gantries and catwalks. This is a great feature as the containers themselves require no modifications to allow these extra pieces, and the extra side panels add to the look of the containers.

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_5

Long Container, with ramp down and roof off. You can see the extra side panels where other Underground Lasers terrain features fix to.


Other options are for the doors to be opened or closed. The pieces fit well enough that they aren’t required to be fixed in place, allowing you to change the look between games. The top roof of the large container is able to be removed. Again, no special work is required, there are lugs to lock the piece in place, and the container structure gives support to the roof from the inside so that it is secure and stable.

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_6

Long Container with the roof off. Easy access, and you can see the internal supports giving strength to the roof when it is on.


There is plenty of etching on all the pieces, and this etching is deep enough so that airbrushing or painting does not obscure these etch lines. Like a lot of modern kits, we see a lot of irregular angles and circular cuts/ etches. This helps give a more modern/ scifi feel.

The materials are good, the 3mm MDF makes for a very solid and robust terrain piece. The interlocking pieces add to the structural stability. I have no concerns they will be broken or damaged any time in the near future.

As an added bonus, the Long Container includes ladders to make roof access easier. This is a welcome addition when playing Infinity, and I imagine any other game will likely benefit. The corners also provide decent cover for any miniatures using them for cover.

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_10

Another view of the Long Container

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_12

Another view of the Cube Containers


The Long Container also includes an antenna, which I intend to use in the future, but have not yet assembled. Even though people may not use theirs, the thought is appreciated. I would rather have something that is potentially usable than an empty piece of sprue

Terrain Review: Underground Lasers Containers UL_Box_9

Another view of the Long Container with the roof removed and door open (forming the ramp)



All up, these containers are excellent value. They are priced well, will provide great cover on the table and look great. Add to that, the fact they are rock solid and stable and I can very much recommend them.


Has anyone else out there used these containers, or any other terrain from Underground Lasers? What did you think of them?

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