They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones

rebelminisAs you may well know, I am back on a 15mm kick. First up was my work with, as seen here. A few of the Rebel Minis line caught my eye, so I thought I would take a look as well. This time some Pulp Horror. They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones. With luck I plan to try an use these little guys with a Cthulhu/ Horror inspired scenario or two. There are 24 of them all up, so either as an attached group in a larger wargame or as a force on their own in a more skirmish scale game.

The fishy little guys look great. From beady eyes and pointy teeth to the array of weapons and sea themed shields (clam shell, turtle shell, scale). Nothing too over the top and I think they fit in well as Deep Ones. I know everyone will have their own interpretation of how a Deep One should look, but I think at 15mm they will do a great job. It would be nice to see a run of partly changed humans, or more fishy looking people, to use as citizens as I think they would also have a good place on the gaming table.

As to be expected with 15mm minis, the flash was minimal. They come as a single piece which is great for assembly and painting, not so good if you want to convert. That being said, the positioning of the minis allows ease of access to the head and arms which is where most people will want to change things I expect. The tails and legs would be difficult to separate but again, I am not sure how many people will be wanting to convert those areas.

I decided to paint them up a standard turquoise colour, trying for a lighter scheme instead of a dark green/ grey of the ocean, to make it easier to see the Deep Ones. Hopefully this added a little colour and vibrancy. This time around I was going for an easy to finish paint scheme, so a simple mid tone then adding a shadow and highlight colour with a wash. I was trying out Army Painters Dark Tone Quickshade which seems to have done a decent job, but I think I may need to be a bit more liberal in it’s application next time. Their weapons, shield, eyes and teeth were all picked out from that point. If anything I could probably go over the most prominent areas in a lighter colour to help things stand out a bit more.

When it came to bases I went for a ‘just out of the beach’ look. They do have that feel, but seem a little out of place on anything other than sand. I might break it up with some clumps of grass that may be found near sand dunes. Finally some Satin Varnish over the top for a slightly moist look. I am happy as they are however and will do a great job on the table.

Below we have some pictures of the Deep Ones as they come trampling over the hills, in from the ocean. As a side, as well as being suitable for most mer-folk, these minis would also make awesome Murloc’s for any World of Warcraft gaming.

They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones

They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones - do-1

They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones - do-2

They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones - do-3

They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones - do-4

They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones - do-5

They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones - do-7

They came from the sea! 15mm Deep Ones - do-6


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