TooFatLardies Christmas Special 2014

TooFatLardies Christmas Special 2014

TooFatLardies Christmas Special 2014

It is that time of year again, time to #SpreadtheLard

The annual release of the TFL Christmas Special is upon us for 2014 and, as usual, it looks like a cracker. To date the Christmas and Summer specials haven’t let me down, and it looks like this release is jam packed full of goodness.

The Annuals/ Specials are a yearly release by TooFatLardies (on mid-year, the other at Christmas), and are in the vein of a hobby magazine, packed full of scenarios, notes, campaigns and other content for their range of games.

I look forward to going through all this goodness, and for a cheap price of £6, I can’t recommend it enough.

A quick shout out to our friends over at Gaming with TooFatLardies, who have their awesome Spanish Civil War campaign included.

TooFatLardies Christmas Special 2014 contents

  • Introduction:  A Festive greeting from Lard Island.
    Cocking Up Through the Mud and the Blood:  A Great War version of Chain of Command.
  • Kaiserschlacht 1918:  A complete Great War “Pint-Sized” campaign
  • Fondler’s Rebels: 1796, Richard Fondler takes on the United Irishmen and their French friends
  • 4D6 Shades of Green:  Terrain ideas for the Dux The Raiders.
  • 29, Let’s Go Large! Converting our Normandy Pint-Sized campaign for use with I Ain’t Been Shot Mum and company sized actions          Catch the Pidgeon! An Eastern Front scenario for Bag the Hun 
  • The Irish Question A Kiss Me Hardy scenario to partner with Fondler’s Rebels. 
  • The Roundwood Report Sidney Roundwood, chats to Big Rich about maps, and looks into the future.
  • Fighting Season Leigh Neville of Sydney, introduces us to Fighting Season, our forthcoming modern counter-insurgency rules for Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. 
  • Building the Deutsche Reichsbahn Pat “Sliver Whistle” Smith, shows us how to build railways for wargaming. 
  • Last Train to Fischhausen April 1945, a scenario for Chain of Command on the Eastern Front. 
  • Battle of Britan – Over the Mediterranean An alternative reality with this “what if” history of 1940 for Bag the Hun
  • Of Mines and Men  A Charlie Don’t Surf scenario 
  • Bloody November    A complete Pint-Sized campaign for Madrid in 1936 using Chain of Command España.  
  • The Battle of Mahiwa A scenario with von Lettow-Vorbeck, for If the Lord Spares Us.
  • To the Bitter End Ab I Ain’t Been Shot Mum company sized action on the Elbe 1945
  • Boots & Saddles  matching US Cavalry and Plains Indians with Sharp Practice. 
  • Tweetface with the Lardies  Keeping up with Lard via social media, a guide 


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