Warhammer 40k Chess Board 7

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I was recently given a surprise.

Something I was completely unaware of until the later stages of the project, and which still did not prepare me for exactly how fantastic this surprise was.

Nominally it was an unbirthday gift but I think it needs to be called by its more correct name, a piece of awesome.

Last week, Troy presented me with this amazing Warhammer 40k Chess Board.

Warhammer 40k Chess Board - 40kChess_Board2

Ultramarines v Khorne Chaos

Every piece is different, with many conversions going into the set, reflecting two classic foes in the 40k universe.

On the side of good we have:


  • King – Marneus Calgar
  • Queen – converted Chief Librarian Tigurius
  • Bishops – Chaplains
  • Knights – Assault Marines
  • Rooks – Terminators
  • Pawns – Space Marine Scouts
Warhammer 40k Chess Board - 40KChess_UM1

The brave Ultramarine’s lined up for battle, led by Marneus Calgar and Chief Librarian Tigurius

Warhammer 40k Chess Board - 40KChess_UM2

Top down view of the warriors in blue

Warhammer 40k Chess Board - 40KChess_UM3

Here we can see the Pawns and a Rook, Knight, Bishop and the King

Warhammer 40k Chess Board - 40KChess_UM4

Here we have the Queen and the other Bishop, Knight, Rook and remaining Pawns.


The opposing side:


  • King – Chaos Terminator Lord
  • Queen – Kharn the Betrayor
  • Bishops – Dark Apostles
  • Knights – Raptors
  • Rooks – Terminators
  • Pawns –┬áChaos Cultists
Warhammer 40k Chess Board - 40KChess_Chaos1

Forces of Chaos, Followers of Khorne. Lined up in their dark glory.

Warhammer 40k Chess Board - 40KChess_Chaos2

Top down view

Warhammer 40k Chess Board - 40KChess_Chaos3

Again, here we see the Pawns, a Rook, Knight, Bishop and the King

Warhammer 40k Chess Board - 40KChess_Chaos4

Over here is the Queen and the other Bishop, Knight, Rook and remaining Pawns.

A lot of time and effort has gone into this set, not just painting, but sourcing the figures and applying some extensive conversions.

I have already had some games on the board and I find it easy to differentiate the pieces, neither player had any problems.

I am so very appreciative of this, and can’t express my gratitude enough!

Time for some more games!




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7 thoughts on “Warhammer 40k Chess Board

    • unhingedtangent Post author

      Hi Bryan,

      I know this was a one off, but I will inquire for you as to whether there is any chance of another being made.
      I can also let you know how it was made if you were looking to make one yourself.


      • Bryan C Cabrera

        Thank you Matt! I have been wishing and seeking for years, no time or talent to build and paint one myself. I appreciate and would pay for someone elses time accordingly. Your set is exactly what I had imagined and hoped for, enjoy! Thank you for responding.


        Bryan C

      • Rebecca strickland

        Hello Matt…sorry to jump in on your story….I’m trying to do the same for my partner….I however have no clue on war hammer…
        Is the chess board a standard size?? I’m basically trying to recreate what you have….so any help would be appreciated…
        Kind regards

        Becca x