Painting: Warhammer 40k – World Eaters colour scheme

Hi Everyone,

Slight change of pace this week. I am working on tidying and speeding up the painting of my World Eater army. I am still playing 40k in amongst Chain of Command and Dropzone Commander although it is a heavily modified version our game group has come together to develop (you can find the document here). I want to get a tabletop ready force completed to a satisfactory (for me anyhow) level in a decent amount of time. A recently acquired airbrush (wonderful birthday present) has helped that along, speeding up the base coating, shading and highlighting all the while giving it a much smoother look. That just leaves detailing and then inking/ washing. For the ink/ wash I have decided to try oil based inks applied over a satin/ semi-gloss varnish. This works a treat, the capillary action is amazing and allows easy clean up when acrylic ink would have dried.

The two miniatures below are concept miniatures and I think I like them enough to stay with the overall scheme. I picture my World Eaters as dirty, trudging through time and space not bothering to wash. That means the inking and line work was intentionally ‘messy’ and not as crisp as I would make it on my Ultramarines. The wash was a mix of Burned Umber and Black to give it an extra dirty look. The next steps (one I acquire some pigments) will be to give a final ‘dirtying’ effect around the feet and legs with some dry mud, dust and rubble effects. Finally, they aren’t disciples of the Blood God without blood, so some blood effects will be added. As they stand at the moment, they are missing the weathering and blood.

World Eater concept miniatures, sans blood and weathering (dirt)

World Eater concept miniatures, sans blood and weathering (dirt)

Armour Colours:

  • Base Coat: Vallejo Model Air Fire Red
  • Shading: Vallejo Model Air Mahogany
  • Highlights:┬áVallejo Model Air Scarlet Red

I am still not really happy with the brass colour. The first layer was Vallejo Brassy Brass. A nice colour but to close to the colour of the armour, it blends in. I highlighted with Vallejo Bright Brass, also a nice colour but maybe too bright although it does highlight the model better.

I am really open to any suggestions people may have about getting a good brass, my next attempt will be a mix of Brassy Brass and Bright Brass, maybe a 1:2 mix.


  • Vallejo Game Colour Brassy Brass
  • Vallejo Game Colour Bright Brass

I am also open to any hints and tips about photographing miniatures, it just doesn’t seem to be a specialty of mine (and shows up all my flaws!).


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