Wednesday Wrap Up (19/06/2012) – TPK Edition

Rifts (19/06/2012) – TPK Edition

What is TPK you ask? Read on my friends, and find out.

Life is all about choices and decisions. This applies to real life as well as ‘character life’ inside of games. Everything you do has an impact, no matter the decision. For some the choice they make can have an effect that resonates through the ages…

This then, is the tale of choices, and decisions and their resonate effects.

As the D-Team stumbled from the Rift, they could see the hanger of the Minitaka Rangers, their home base, ready and at high alert. Armed squads stood ready to stop the breach. The 2 massive MAC-II defense Destroids were activated and ready. In front of them was Caroline Brenner, the management liaison officer, she looked cranky, assessing the situation. “Oh”, she said as she became aware of what was coming out of the Rift, “it is you…”. Turning her back and walking away from them, she never saw what was coming.

Something large and metaillic, flung with a great force flew over her shoulder, it slid and rolled and then effortlessly landed on it’s two wheels, stand lowering, G$linger’s hog perfectly poised, waiting for it’s master to ride.

The effects of a warp breach merged into an open dimensional porta. A silence descended slowly changing into a deep, low bass rumble as a pressure build up exploded out from the centre of the angry spherical storm that was now in place of the rift.
As the explosion hit, the D-Team along with Caroline, found themselves protected somewhat by another, smaller hemisphere, also emanating warp breach, shielding them from the explosion which followed.

After the explosion had spent all of it’s force, the hanger looked like a scene from hell. In place of the guards where now warp spawned daemons. Whether possessed and taken over or simply consumed and repalced we did not know, and we weren’t about to stay and find out.

Breaking out into combat positions, the D-Team and Caroline spread out, prepared to defend their home soil to the last. The battle royale commenced!

At this point, the party was split, each fighting their own independent battles against the raging minions of hell.

Blacketo took to the skies trying to find the control station, and a way for us to get out of here

Tibor engaging in honourable combat with a woman who was more daemon than human, with claws, 6 breasts, filed teeth and a murderous intent.

G$linger, horrified at what he saw. In the place of his prized hog was now a daemonic steed, with a mind of its own, it took off, galloping around with wild abandon. Taking stock and with his ire rising, he began to lay fire into the warp breach.

Luc, hearing the bellowings of yet another daemon entered mortal combat.

Mac, stunned at the change of events after having a welcome homecoming ripped from him, began taking revenge on the inhabitants that denied him some well earned rest.

*WHOOOMP* A pulse. Change (it is always in effect). Something happens. Screams and shouts. My left arm, gone – in it’s place, tentacles like those of an octopus. 3 in all. I almost stumble in fear. Tibor’s armour, it begins to glisten as he is in combat, where the crystals are being damaged or knocked off, in it’s place is a hard type of hide. Is it becoming part of him? Somewhere a whinney, the daemoin steed speeds up.

“I’ll cover him”, a yell came. Tibor I think.
*Blam* *Blam*, 2 quick shots, that must be G$linger
A ripple overhead followed by a screech, Blackneto desperately trying to shake off pursuit of a harpy.
“Aim for the Warp Breach, put all your fire into that”. A command from Luc. He seems to have kept his sense and sounds like he knows what to do.
Somewhere a larger daemon, a Thirster of Blood, ROARS and stretches out powerful wings.

Blackneto has found the service shaft to the control room, and flies to it as Mac, stategically withdrawing while firing on the enemy, moves back to assist Blackneto.
*Shlurp*, Tibor’s fist enters the Daemonette as he throws a powerful punch, full of intent.
G$linger seeing the flow of battle not to his liking moves on to find a more powerful weapon, to help even the odds. As he went looking through a crate he saw movement. 2 little pustules of being grinning and giggling at him. A confused look passed G$lingers face, then he went cold as he saw them holding a massive weapon, barrel pointed directly at his head. Energy streamed out of it. GSlinger slumped to the floor. (A roll of a Natural 20 for the shot with a 1 Fumble for the dodge did not sit well)
Luc, still engaged in mortal combat, fires into the warp breach and in return is flipped face to the floor, a Daemon pinning him to the ground his armour being destroyed and penetrated by the vile being.
*WHOOOMP* Another pulse. A crushing pressure on my chest and stomach. What IS that? I cannot see it. A heart attack? I look around, Tibors armour seems to be melding into him, it is now one with him. Still the daemonic drone of the steed runs wild.
“AArrrhhhh” a yell. Pain? Luc…
Blackneto I see running down the service shaft and stopping at the control room door.
Tibor, like power incarnate destroys the daemon from within. As it explodes I see where the body one was a shaft of light, a spear, impaling this deamon and leaving it like a banner atop the spears tip.
“Stop shooting the warp breach…” a cry goes out, who is that?
“Look, they do not appear as strong as they should”
“Something doesn’t seem right here”

As the melee continues, things begin to look very grim. Luc takes a moment while on the ground to really look around him. This isn’t right he thinks and just for a fraction of a second he sees armour in place of hide, metal in place of flesh. “What goes on here”, he thinks to himself and then calls out to his team.

Blackneto and Mac reach the control room only to find its occupants already possessed. In an unwieldy flurry they throw one guard out into the hall as the operator trips and smashes into a chair. Quickly entering the room and locking it, the operator is manacled so that his part in this play is no more. Scanning the screens and seeing the carnage out on thehanger, they jump into action.

‘Initiating Lights Out Procedure. Shutting off all interior hanger lights.’ “That should help”, says Mac, hoping that if things are not as they seem then perhaps the teams combat suits will help identify friend or foe. Or, it will just make it harder to fight…
“Calling guard, we have an unauthorise warp breach. We need help”, the voice of Blackneto calls through the comms system. “Roger that, we are en-route”, came the reply.
‘Initiating Hanger Door Opening Procedure.’ “Maybe that will help, at least we can get things in and out”, Mac and Blackneto agree.
Mac begins querying the hanger defense systems. We must have SOMETHING we can use. Oddly enough, they haven’t started up.
Camera 1 – Luc is down. His daemon is also down, replaced by a massive blood red form with hideous, huge wings. An axe is raised above his head, poised to deliver the final blow.

Camera 2 – G$linger is dragging his form to cover, he is a bloody mess, scouring the room for something to use.

Camera 3 – Tibor’s new hide armour does not sit right, it looks to be knitting itself together. His shining spear helf aloft, impaled daemon and all.

Like I said in the beginning, life is all about choices and decisions. Some you make are good, some are bad. I cast no dispersions at the decisions that were made. I’ll leave it to you to think through the cause and effect of various decisions, considering what has happened so far. Here it is.

LOCK DOWN PROCEDURE! Mac mentions he found something called the Rift Containment Protocol, it looks to be used for run away rifts. He initiates the sequence.

Mac and Blackneto look on hopefully through the monitors as mechanical devices start moving and bringing canopic jars into view from recesses in the floor and walls. Not sure exactly what will happen Blackneto warns D-Team that the containment protocol is in effect.

Crawling towards a wall, a plate in the ground opens up in front of G$linger, the riotous scene of carnage and death playing out around him, the taint of Slaanesh musk heavy in the air. A canopic jar rises in front of G$linger, the image flickers G$linger squints, he was sure it was a jar. In its place is a large, runed, magic, golden… dildo… no, really? REALLY?

A plan took place in G$linger head… Yes… YES… THIS WILL WORK. Grabbing the large, runed, magic, golden dildo, he proceeds at all pace to where Caroline is, intent on gaining her attention. “This is it, this will work”, G$linger thinks and smacks her across the back of the head with the thing… It shatters… Into a million pieces. Sort of like when a canopic jar shatters… Looking at his hands and the pieces falling to the floor he realises Caroline did not even feel the blow!

Stunned, G$linger looks around, “I’m pretty sure I did the right thing…” he states across the microbead channel.

Save the situation attempt 1: Thwarted

Looking slack jawed at the video system, Blackneto and Mac converse.

“We have to do it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Look at the cameras, I see no other way”

“They may die.”

“They may die anyway, what do we have to lose?”


Mac quicly initiates the self defense weapon system in the hanger, setting them on motion detect.
“D-Team,” Mac announces over the microbeads “Don’t move, weaponms set to motion detect.”
“What is that?”, Blackneto points to Camera 4. There is a silhouetted figure in the hanger door, a shortish creature, leaning on a staff.

LUC: Crawling to the corner, the mighty Bloodthirster raises his Khornate Axe and with a devestating blow brings it down upon the poor unsuspecting… KNEE OF HIS OWN LEG (yes, a 1 – critical fumble – was rolled…) OMG!! Luc lives to fight another day, for now.

TIBOR: Heeding the advice obtained over the Microbead, Tibor decides to… Take a flying leap at the Hog come Daemonic Steed to steer it away from G$linger and help protect himself from the defence turrets.

G$LINGER: Trying desperately to grab the attention of Caroline, to make her see that these people may not be the enemy we thought. She pays him no attention. Notices Tibor lining up the hog.

MAC/ BLACKNETO: Watching their friends reaction to the gun turrets. They forehead slap them selves and ask “Why?”. Zooming in on the figure in the doorway, they look intently, it begins chanting. Mac turn on the sprinkler system, figured it can’t hurt.

*Thuuump**Thuuump**Thuuump* The defense system mini-missile launchers activated, targeting movement in the hanger area. Decimation occurs as the forces of hell are blown apart.

Luc’s head slumps back to the ground, exhausted and relieved to be alive after a missile detonates inside the Daemon in front of him.

Tibor in a rare trip (rolled a 1 to hit) slides to the floor completely missing the hog steed.

G$linger in a stunned daze looks for any contraband (and scores a critical success)… Whaa..

Mac laughs. nudging Blackneto he says, “Heh, I’m in. Minitaka central control.” ‘Funds transfer initiated’ says the tinny computer voice. Blackneto asks, “Did you just do what I think you did.” “Yep”, replies Mac, “Minitaka central money store is ours, we are very, very rich…”. A grin appears on both there faces.

They begin to plan their escape. Noises, slurps and scratches, can be heard outside their door.

Save the situation attempt 2: Thwarted

The shadowy figure shields himself from the explosions, their explosive light illuminating Ultimas, lord of the grass herders, the tree person who opened their rift to the Imperium world to start with. With an angry look he stops chanting and pops out of existence, (back to his home plane I imagine).

Save the situation attempt 3: Thwarted

G$linger pipes up over the microbead, “I only feel partially responsible…”

The defense systems still firing furiously at the intruders (or anyone moving). G$linger eyes his hog steed as it races around another lap. Thinking that if he had to go out, he would go out on style he leaps for the bike… a perfect mount. Wind in his hair, the feeling of freedom on his soul he rides like the wind. Time slows, vision pans. The defence launcher targets the moving bike and fires. *Phwooosh* the missile races towards G$linger, a smirk appears on his face as he accepts the imminent death that is about to occur.

Sensing something, an awareness, almost sentient, feels a presence it has not felt since all Hell broke loose. The hog steed recognises it’s master, it also senses the missile. In it’s last act of defiance, it bucks G$linger from it’s back and throws itself in front of him only moments before the missile impacts, absorbing the totality of the blast . For the second time today G$linger is stunned. He feels as if a part of him has died, ripped from his heart. A single tear forms in the corner of his eye.

The daemons are all but gone, the destruction is… chaotic and complete. Luc, Tibor and G$linger lover, but only just. The missile defense turret turns trying to get a lock on. A lock it gets, it fires…

The final dice for the night are rolled. The result


Critical fumble

The missile defense systems unleash into the warp breach. Everyone’s stunned faces face the breach

Save the situation attempt 4: Thwarted

Everything goes black. Time stops completely. There is no noise, not even the sound of silence.

The picture zooms out, past the hanger, past the mountain and lake Minitaka.

The picture zooms out more to the region level, then further we can see the old Canadian borders.

Still further we zoom out so that the curvature of the planet Earth can be seen. Planetary rotation kicks in and the scene moves to the left. Then it appears. A massive black ball, still visible at this level. Even a faint sound can be heard *Foomp*

Where there was black there is now nothing, just a massive semicircle of perfectly smooth ground, a MASSIVE hole in the ground where the base once was. There is now nothing left. Destruction was absolute.

Minitaka D-Team was destroyed.

Fade to black.

An old man sits on a rock, some children around his knees. He takes a puff on his pipe before looking at the data slate and finishing the tale.

“And they say, that if you are very quiet, you can still hear the echos of the D-Team on that fateful day.”

A child moves towards the crater, fancies they can hear something, just at the edge of hearing, like a zephyr in flight…

A deep, strutting voice “Yyyyeah…”

An surprised voice “I’m pretty sure I did the right thiiiinnggg…”


The old man looked down at the data slate. It was old and battered but still functional. A smile crept into the corner of his mouth


Mac Guyver

Minitaka Rangers D-Team. Signing Out.

<End Note>

And there we have it. The legend of the Minitaka Rangers D-Team.

The final dice roll of the campaign, a 1. In which our last adventure ended in TPK.

Total Party Kill…

Kudo’s to all our players and GM Extraordinaire for a campaign ended before its time but full of hilarity.


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