WHFB: Triumph and Treachery 2

One game I didn’t expect to be playing again anytime soon was Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WHFB), for a variety of reasons. So when G$ asked if I would be interested in a game of Triumph and Treachery, a multiplayer supplement for WHFB I cautiously said to count me in.

Well the first game was a hoot, faster paced even though the game turns are longer. Players are more involved due to the Treachery cards (used to foil your foes or bolster your own army) and Random turns (Each player turn is decided via a deck of cards randomly shuffled each game turn. The player whose cards is activated has their turn. Once they complete their turn, the next cards is drawn and so on). Add to that an additional percentage of mercenary forces (20% of the army sized used on any other WHFB army book). Selection of deployment zones and the size of the deployment areas means action is underway on the first Turn. These are a marked change over standard WHFB games and, overall, a big improvement. It takes away the ‘deploy opposite each other and charge, meet each other in the middle’ problem and adds nice variety.

So Saturday night saw our 2nd Triumph and Treachery game in about a month. We had 5 players, the maximum the game is designed for, with the following armies:

Scumcleaner: Empire – heavy knight contingent with a steam tank and Vampire Count allies

G$: Chaos Daemons of all Four gods with Chaos Warriors allies

SnortedCornChip: Dwarf blob and war machines with Empire war machine mercs

Dave: Dark Elf force with Executioners, Wych Elves and a nice Cauldron of Blood and some Orge mercenaries

UnhingedTangent: Orc blob led by Grimgor and a Snotling Pump Wagon with Wood Elf Waywatcher allies

We made Three turns in the time we had available and a LOT of carnage occurred.


Deployment for Triumph and Treachery, including the all important gaming snack deployment.

In the pic above you can see the Orcs deployed on the square bottom left, the Dwarves opposite them on the bottom right. I think the intent of the Orcs was made clear…

Middle left was vacant and middle right had the Dark Elves deploying to get a hold of the center objective.

Top left was Empire lands, whilst opposite them were the dark forces of Chaos, poised to defend all comers.

A lot goes on in a T&T game, so I will recount a few highlights for each of the players.

Scumcleaner managed to get off a great combined charge at the Dark Elves on the center objective. The charge was with a unit of about 24 Heavy Cavalry with characters. That a charge in the flank as a unit of 4 Griffin Knights had also charged in the front. The 40 strong Dark Elf unit collapsed as it failed to wound in both reactionary shooting and close combat. Worth noting is a sizeable victory for the Snotlings, who tripped up a Griffin Knight on an overrun causing it to take his last wound, hence killing a Griffin Knight (in T&T you declare a player as a target in each phase, all other players are neutral and cannot be hurt. In the case of movement they count as dangerous terrain).

G$ had the dubious honour of killing his own Khorne Chariot Cannon with a misfire. In saying that hi massive bloodletter blood made short work of the Ogre Cav and Dark Elves who charged him.

SnortedCornChip got the better of Grimgor Ironhide in Round 1 combat driving him off and breaking the unit. With the taste Orc blood, a Dwarf Gyrobomber counted 14 kills in 1 turn as his bomb landed on target, then bounced on target. A truley scary number of casualties from one bomb.

Dave held the center well until the cav charge from the Empire. With a split force and combat from all 4 fronts he did well to stay in the game and punish some Daemon units who moved into combat.

UnhingedTangent saw Grimgor rout from the table after two timely Rout cards played on Turn 2 by Dave and Turn 3 by G$. Grimgor is sure he saw better fighting ‘over there’. In payback, and in contention of unit of the game, the Snotling Pump Wagon drove deep into the heart of the Dwarves systematically destroying their warmachines and pissing off the Empire and Dwarf engineers by playing Itching Powder and forcing the cannons to count as moving and hence not being able to retaliatory fire on the Wagon. All up the little tykes accounted for 3 war machines and was on the hunt for more!

I had another good game. T&T for me is the best way to play WHFB. The variation and added involvement of players makes WHFB tolerable. The key is the company. The gentlemen we had around the table were entertaining, knowledgeable and made it a pleasure to game with.

Thanks guys, until next time (and Grimgor will be back)

Unit of the match? Amazing paint job by Scumcleaner.

Unit of the match?
Amazing paint job by Scumcleaner.

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