Xmas Game 2015

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Well, it is that time of year again.

Time for holidays, fun and friends.

That also means – CHRISTMAS GAME TIME!!

Our Xmas game for 2015 was played out the weekend before last.
We had an awesome 4 player King of the Hill.
Dave with the bugs, a horde Tyranid army with a couple of Tervagon, a Flying Tyrant and swarms of smaller gants.
Luke with the Tau, a suit army with Crisis, Stealth, Broadside and Ripside suits
G$ with the Daemons, Grandfather Nurgle came into town this year.
Me with the Imperial Guard, a mix of tanks, infantry, assassins and emplacements. Of course Pask was in charge.
This year saw the four of us playing on an ice world, deployed into the corners. As well as the central objective, we also had 6 other objectives scattered around the table. These provided not only secondary objectives, but bonuses to certain things on the table.
It was a great game, many thanks to the players and especially Troy for hosting and GMing.
I only thought it fair that a great game was recapped in a slightly different manner.
So trying something new, I hope you enjoy it. I think it covers most of the key points.
(for last year’s game, go here)

Xmas Game 2015

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