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Zvezda 1:100 scale vehicles

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Looking for more support options for both my German and British forces for Chain of Command, I stumbled on an interesting option.

A line of 1:100 scale, snap together vehicles, from a company called Zvevda. For those not aware, 15mm is 1:106 scale, so 1:100 scale vehicles are very close to the correct size.

Zvezda 1:100 scale Vehicles

How well does the The Zvezda 1:100 Panzer III (G) scale compared to the real thing? The Zvezda Panzer III measures 30mm wide, 55mm long and 25mm high to the top of the turret. Wikipedia specifies the Panzer III as being 5.56m long, 2.9m wide and 2.5m high. Very comparable, with the Zvezda Panzer III being a fraction squarer than the real thing (scaling up, the miniature would be 3m wide, 5.5m long and 2.5m high).

How much does 1:100 differ from 1:106? I think close enough to not really notice in most cases. Comparing the 1:100 scale to the size we would expect to find at 15mm (1:106), we get 52mm long, 27mm wide and 23mm high. Certainly a difference, but one of only 3mm maximum in length and width. I think a single vehicle, or a unit entirely comprised of one scale or another wouldn’t be noticeable. If you were to mix and match manufacturers to make a unit, you might find the 1:100 scale to be a fraction big, and maybe out of place, depending on how true to size other manufacturers make their 15mm vehicles.


Size Comparison of Panzer III scales.
 Panzer IIIZvezda 1:100 scale model sizeExpected 15mm model size
Zvezda 1:100 scale vehicles

Zvezda 1:100 scale vehicles.
Top Left: Zvezda 1:100 Sd. Kfz. 251/1
Top Right: Zvezda 1:100 Matador Truck
Bottom Left: 15mm PSC Firefly
Bottom Centre: Zvezda 1:100 Panzer III
Bottom Right: 15mm PSC Cromwell


The Zvezda Vehicles are good on details. Not the best I have seen, but certainly better than others out there. Definitely above average. The casting is excellent, the details that are there are very crisp and clean. The kits themselves are snap together with excellent fit and EASY. All of 6 parts for the Panzer III. This is a big plus in my book.

I highly recommend the Zvezda 1:100 scale vehicles as options for people looking for support choices. The range is ok for the Russian vehicle line, light for the German line and I couldn’t see any British or American tanks, although there was a British Matador truck. Unfortunately the Zvezda range of infantry and guns are 1:72 scale, and simply too big for 15mm armies (although they might suit for 20mm armies).

The price per box, containing 1 vehicle, is AUD $7.

As this is a quick view, there will be a further update once the vehicles are painted and ready for action, with better photos.


Has anyone else had any experience with Zvezda, or any other 1:100 scale manufacturers, being used with 15mm miniatures?


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11 thoughts on “Zvezda 1:100 scale Vehicles Quick View

  • Pat G

    I understand that the head sculptor for Zvezda recently passed away unexpectedly and that there is some concern for the continued viability of the company. You may want to stock up now.

    Their 1:72 figures are indeed excellent if a little fiddly to put together.

  • coyotesplat

    I’ve used the zvezda vehicles quite a bit for flames of war. The tanks look a little out of place when putting them right next to either plastic soldier company, or battlefront minis, but the price point is quite nice.
    Their trucks are very fiddly to put together though (Full suspension detail in 1:100 scale – in multiple pieces), but look much nicer than the BF one piece resin ones. Some of the Russian recon vehicles (BA-10) also fall into this category too.

    • unhingedtangent Post author

      Thanks coyotesplat, I agree if they were mixed in to a unit they would look out of place. By themselves they look fine. Definitely can’t argue with the price point.
      I agree with the trucks being tricky, the Matador was by far the most complicated.
      Unfortunately the stockist I go to only really have a large Russian range, with a few German tanks. Would love some of the scout vehicles.

  • David

    The range has quite a lot of British tanks, and I found just today British 2pdr at gun with crew in 1/100.. I hadn’t seen this kit before so it may be a recent edition

    • David

      I’ve only seen a Sherman that I didn’t think was great, a Stuart and a Lee which weren’t bad.. there’s a lot of British tanks that are not common to other brands, I got 3 Matilda that I was very impressed with